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A brother, a sister, her friend and the big change Episode 6B How Rupali ended with Priya

He had been feeling really odd and self aware as he walked into the place for his first ever date as a girl. Rohini went directly into the arms of Jayesh the moment she entered while Deepa and Amber began to chat with each other. This left Rupali alone with Yash, he noticed how he kept staring wierdly. Instead of looking at the face, Yash seemed to be creepily looking at the exposed legs and probably trying to undress with his eyes. Rupali was becoming uncomfortable with the whole deal as he did not like where this was going. They all had soon began to watch TV together. He found Rohini sitting so close that her head was comfortably lying on the chest of Jayesh while his arm was going around her back and resting really close to her breast. Even Deepa was sitting their holding hands with Amber but she did keep peeking at Rupali to make sure he was OK. It turned out Rupali was not ok as Yash seemed to decide to take matters into his own hand and let all inhibitions go. He tried to touch Rupali's legs and move his hands upwards. Rupali was not able to decide what to do as he was new to such kind of situations.

As his discomfort began to increase he tried to move away but yash did not want to give it and tried to get closer. So he decided he could not sustain in this environment and wanted to leave as soon as possible. When he began to pester the girls of leaving early with him they demanded for more time until they finally relented and told him that he could leave alone. As he began to leave, Deepa gave the keys to her place as it was closer and safer to get there than his own home. His walk alone was enough to give him an heart attack as it kept pounding really fast from fear of something going wrong. He was really happy that he did not have to travel really far or he would probably have been horified by the time he reached his home. Deepa lived in her studio room attached to the house but with its own entrance from the outside. Rupali breathed a great sigh of relief as he opened the door to enter the safety of indoors.

The first thing he saw as he entered the room was Priya standing in front of him. She had thought her sister had returned home and had moved towards the door to talk to her, instead she had found a strange girl with the keys. Rupali's heart was in his mouth, he was finally able to talk alone to Priya a thing he had wanted to do so much that he had agreed to be a girl for it. He seemed to be far more comfortable talking with her while as a girl than he had even been as a guy. The main reason he thought was knowing that after a few day girls, the girl he had become would disappear and thus he had no fear of what she thought about the girl but he did care what she thought about the real him. They were having a lot of fun as Priya found out he was just her age and they had so much to talk about. He would have been able to get away with all the facade and deception as she would have never guessed that he was not a real girl. Yet he made a mistake of talking about his sister Rohini while talking about a story.

Priya knew Rohini really well due to Deepa and also knew very well that she had a real brother not a sister. His secret was out after a few choice questions that only a girl could answer and when she finally had her confirmation she looked at him with intrigue rather than shock or laughter. She liked the girl he had became and decided she also wanted in on the fun that he sister had making a boy into a girl.  

She wanted him to dress up like an Indian girl and she had the best idea how. She brought out a saree she knew she was never going to wear it as she hated wearing sarees but she believed he would be the perfect person to wear one. It was entertaining to watch him try and fail as they did not know how it was to be done until they saw some videos online. A few attempts later he was wearing that saree with perfection and she had to agree that this saree was designed and destined for him.She had dressed him up in the way she liked to provide her entertainment. Yet she could not stop feeling jealous on how beautiful he looked in it. There was a moment there she wanted to take revenge by photographing him and putting it all over the web.

It was when Rupali spook how he was really happy doing this for her that she realized how shallow her thinking had been. They began to talk a lot after that, they talked about their likes and dislikes, their desires and aims in life, they even told each other a lot of their secrets. It seemed they had both found a good listener in each other. They spent the whole night talking with each other. It was only in the morning when Priya's mother called for her for breakfast they realized how much time had been spend talking. In that one night they had become best friends from strangers.

It was when Priya introduced him as Rupali, her new best friend to her mother that he realized how many people now know him as Rupali. It seemed more people were begining to know him as a girl than he had wanted finding out. Yet it simply gave him more chance to be closer to Priya and her parents which was the route to get his dream. He spend his time having breakfast with Priya and her mother as her dad had important meeting early morning and had already left. It was Priya's mother who scolded her daughter and told her why she could not be like Rupali. It was here Rupali and Priya realized that Rupali really fills the shoes of being the ideal daughter. Dressing properly in Indian attire, keeping his hair long and tidy and most importantly not acting over aggressive about anything which made him stark opposite to the western dress wearing, short haired and aggresive Priya.

 He got home soon after and changed back to his male self. As soon as he got into his room he got a message from Priya. She was inviting him over in the evening for another chat and some more fun time together.The only thing she wanted him to do was dress up as a girl again as she would find it hard to explain him coming to her house and if by chance her mother recognised him then she would be in trouble for spending the whole night alone with a boy and deceiving them. However less inclined he was on returning to being a girl he could not say no to her invitation especially as he was planning to profess his love to her.

He wore a salwar suit this time and even wore a few bangles and a nose ring to impress his future mother in law, he was finding it strange that he was thinking of impressing Priya's parents by actually trying to be more feminine in his appearance. He even got a nice lotus flower as he had found last night that it was her favorite flower. After their initial conversations he finally professed his desire to be her boyfriend to her, she said that they should be friends for some time before she could decide about him. The more they found out about each other the more she could be able to tell if they would fit together in the future and be in a relationship. She told him with a smile teasingly that right now she just wanted him to be her girl friend till that time. Although he was a bit upset he still had a lot of hope as she had not said no to him. So began a new and strong friendship between the two girls.

Their friendship just grew exponentially over time and soon they were out of college. The two of them decided to start a marketing firm together as it was their dream. They both began living and working together as they shifted to the nearby major city. Rupali was spending a lot of time as a woman at a home but it was still their own secret until their area of comfort began to grow. Soon they were going shopping together and spending entire time together as girls. When Rupali landed his first major client in a surprise meet in a conference he was dressed up as a woman. It was here that he was forced not only to be a girl at home but even while working in the office and soon the number of clients who knew Rupali increased manifold while hardly anyone knew of the guy that he actually was. His secret life had become his permanent life as he kept trying to procrastinate over the idea of changing back into a boy and retiring the girl from the work atleast. He soon realized how much he liked being a girl and being treated as one.

One day Priya and Rupali began to talk about how the clients would react if they ever found out about his truth and how they had never thought about the consequences till now. Priya wanted to know if he wanted to become a boy again. Rupali after a lot of thinking and self evaluation decided that he no longer wanted to be a boy again and he really wanted to remain a girl. So they both decided it was time to take some serious decisions, soon Rupali underwent harmonal treatment followed by the sexual reassignment surgery in secret. She got operated to become a real girl. As much as the two of them loved each other. They both decided to remain bachelors as no one was better for them than each other, yet marriage was not what they were looking for anymore. They were both really happy just spending the time together as best friends and nothing more and nothing less. 

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