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Friday, 11 May 2018

Online Shopping Risks II

I had just ringed the bell and soon found myself in front of a nice looking middle aged woman. She was the person I had talked over the phone and she recognised me straight away. She asked me if I had found the place easily and I agreed. We began to have more chit chat sort of conversation about the family, health and travel while I sat at the sofa in the drawing room. She offered me tea and before I could even answer yes or no, she was walking away to make one.

Soon she began to ask me personal questions from inside the kitchen and I found myself going in to have a better conversation as it was hard to hear or make much sense of it while sitting outside. As we were chatting she asked me to give her tea from the top shelf, then the sugar and the milk from the fridge. She had began asking me to help her without my being aware of what I was doing. It soon dawned upon me when I found myself cutting onions while helping her prepare dinner for her husband. I had hardly been much inside the kitchen in my own home and had never ever helped my mother or my girlfriend in cooking. Yet here I was in a stranger's house and helping cook food that I was not even going to eat. She had kept me very involved in conversation while sipping on the tea and still kept giving me instructions here and there. Together we finally cooked the whole dinner and I could finally take a bit of rest. It had been a tiring experience for me.

It had been an hour since my arrival that we finally talked about the dress for the first time. I had simply forgotten about it with so much strange stuff happening in between. She began by telling me how the dress did not fit her at all and so she had never been able to wear it. It had been gifted to her by her brother who no longer was with her. It had a lot of sentimental value to her but she was forced to give it up as her husband did not want her to keep it anymore.

She said she wanted to request me to do something for her before I took away the dress.