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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Do you have what it takes to be a man - Final part

Tina and Anjali were married that night just after the bout. To any innocent bystanders it would have been difficult to judge who was the bride and who was the groom. Both Anjali and Tina were wearing red saree and a lot of jewellery. Anjali did not understand that even after winning the bout. He no longer had the chance of being a male as the changes had been permanent and winning did not mean his feminization was going to be reversed.

The real realization of the marriage also affected Tina as she felt less feminine than Anjali. To think she was going to be the wife of a person who looked, felt and acted more woman like than her. She decided to prove that night itself who was going to be the master in the house.Late that night as Tina was waiting on the bed for her first night as a married woman. She was making plans on how to proceed. Both of them did not have the male parts needed for the real sex which meant one of them will have to take the lead. The one who took the lead tonight would always take lead in the entire marriage life.

Anjali came into the room and was a bit timid and shy. He did not know what he was supposed to do tonight as he did not have the parts needed to play his role of a husband. He decided to wait and watch as the night progress. So he sat down near Tina and asked her what she wanted to do tonight. Tina took this chance as her opening and told she wanted to take Anjali's virginity. As she said it she threw herself at Anjali. She took his two hands away from his body and started to kiss him on the lips and then on the neck and cheeks. Anjali could do nothing but recieve them and get horny. Tina continued to direct the course as she started to take out the dress from Anjali one by one. She even removed both their jewelleries. Whole time she kept kissing every part of Anjali's body.

 to be continued........