Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Online Shopping risks IV

I was really curious to see how I was looking but was in no shape to ask her to let me look myself in the mirror. Yet I was already imagining in my head about my current looks and I was getting more and more uncertain whether I wanted myself to look more feminine or masculine. She had moved onto the jewellery phase of my transformation.

She seemed to be taking her time displaying the array of different designs of jewellery in front of me. It was now that I could really see the joy in her eyes as she continued to have a loud one sided conversation with herself. Discussing the pros and cons of each piece of jewellery while talking about how it would look on me and which ones would match the dress the best. There seemed to be a lot of contemplation as she wanted it to be perfect. She said a girl with the right jewellery can make herself look like a princess or a commoner. I did not know how to react to her referring me as a girl in her conversations.

She finally picked a few pieces of jewellery which were just right. Finally it seemed there was nothing more to do than give me the dress to wear. Her smile faded a bit I think when she realized that soon it would be all over. So she decided to delay the inevitable by trying to find a way to take more time. She did that by brining innerwear into the equation. A nice set of pink bra and panties which seemed to be new. She told that a woman always has to protect her modesty and these were compulsory to take the real feel of one. I wanted it all to end fast by now as lot of time had gone by so instead of arguing I just agreed.

It was one of the strangest feeling as she put on the bra on me. I did not know why but it make me feel like a girl like nothing had before. It was like wearing it was letting go of last masculine thing that made me a man and becoming a complete woman. I was wearing makeup, long hair and jewellery like a woman but it was this small piece of cloth that had changed my complete mind and made me feel as a true woman. I did not know why I was feeling good about it, may be it was the new experience I was feeling emotionally, something I had not thought of or done before in my life. I was thinking of myself as a woman and may be even looking like one, something a few hours ago I would not even have believed possible even in a nightmare.

Finally, it was time to dress me up in the dress that had began my whole journey into this unknown. It did not even take more than a few minutes to put me in the dress. The only shocking part was that the dress fit perfectly like it had been stitched just for me. It took some extra time for her to make me just look perfect as she tweaked everything a little and checked it out by looking at me from all angles before letting me go to a mirror to look at myself. I think I should not have done that. No matter what I had imagined in my head. I was not ready to look at me and find how I looked extremely beautiful even for the standards of most beautiful woman I had seen. I was sure even my girlfriend never looked this pretty. It was shocking to the core to find that I could look so feminine and made me ashamed that it had been so easy to make me look like one.

The woman knew what was going on in my mind and used it as a chance to praise me for my beauty and tell him how I should let go of my fears and try to act the part and may be give chance of being a woman for some more time. She asked to spend half an hour living and acting as a woman with her where she would teach me the secrets of womanhood which will help me a lot to understand my girlfriend better. I could not make myself deny this opportunity. I did seem to love looking so attractive even if it was as a girl. She even took a few photos on her mobile and then on mine for both us to keep this as a memory. As I sat there talking to her and learning how to act, talk and walk like a woman. There was the sound of the bell telling us that someone was at the door.
I did not know how to react to the arrival of another person. Whether to hide or change ?

What turn do you want the story to take SEXUAL or SENSUAL ? It could be the husband or the girlfriend at the door. Do comment.