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Monday, 9 May 2016

A brother, a sister, her friend and the big change Episode 4 Becoming Rupali - the beautiful

That night sleep was difficult to come for Rohan. Especially as Deepa had told before going that Rohan needed another addition to his face to make things better. He would have to wear earrings and he needed to get his ears pierced. She told she would bring her needle tomorrow to do the job. Thus, the girls began to choose earrings for him. The whole night he kept thinking of next day and what will become of him next. He was beginning to get afraid a bit. That night it was not a dream but nightmare, as Rohan was living it as his feminine self. Becoming a girl he got caught and was humiliated by everyone.

That morning when he woke up, he could not decide if he should back out of the deal and tell the girls he could not do it. Or he should let them extremely feminize him so that he cannot get caught. He kept thinking about it until his mind went back to Priya and he decided he can do anything for her.So when Deepa and Rohini arrived that morning. Rohan was ready to get his ears pierced and told them about his dream. Deepa gave him a smile and Rohini a very serious look.

After piercing his ears, Deepa put large hoop earrings in his ears. She told him they were her favorite earrings and she was gifting them to the beautiful girl Rupali.Deepa then told him she had found a name for him after a lot of thinking and searching. She would call him Rupali which means beautiful or pretty, and it suits him a lot. She showed him, his image in the mirror. He had to agree.

She told him it was time to start treating him as a girl and make him habitual to answer by her new name. So they will both call him Rupali and his time as a girl has begun. He should do everything like a girl from now on, so he has enough practice for the final day. She also told him that she was going to give him a treat today. She was going to give him a personal manicure.

She treated Rupali really nicely and lightly. She even added the nail polish to finish her tough. While chatting up, Rohini had to leave as their parents wanted her help. Deepa stayed behind in Rupali's room. She began to chat up with Rupali for a long time. They discussed everything from likes, dislikes, and dreams in life. Rupali had never felt closer to Deepa, he actually felt like she was his own friend.

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